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Good morning,

As I sit down to share a slice of our lives, I’m transported back to a breezy January in 2023 when Singapore became the backdrop to a significant chapter in our family’s journey.

Our little one, just two years old at the time, stayed behind in the loving care of grandparents as we embarked on an adventure to the vibrant city-state of Singapore. The anticipation was palpable, but I couldn’t shake the bittersweet twinge of leaving our toddler behind. The difficulty of parting with our little bundle of joy was real, as any parent would understand. The promise of new experiences was juxtaposed with the yearning for the familiar comfort of our child’s laughter.

Exploring the enchanting gardens, embracing the cultural tapestry, and savoring local delicacies were sprinkled with moments of longing for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. But, oh, Singapore has a way of captivating the senses and diverting your attention, making it a journey worth every emotion.

Amidst the bustling streets and serene gardens, a subtle miracle unfolded—one that would shape our family’s future in the most unexpected way. Our hearts, already brimming with love for our little one back home, were unknowingly creating space for another. Little did we know, a precious surprise was quietly taking root, and a few months later, we welcomed another bundle of joy into our lives.

As I reflect on that Singaporean adventure, I’m reminded that life has a way of weaving unexpected tales. The difficulty of leaving our firstborn was a testament to the depth of our parental love, and the journey itself became a mosaic of emotions—joy, longing, and the subtle magic that lays the foundation for beautiful beginnings.

So here’s to Singapore, to the memories etched in its streets, and to the quiet miracles that happen when we least expect them.

With warmth and wanderlust, Kate


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