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Welcome to Coltish Lifestyle, my digital diary. Nice things live here.

Previously the home of Coltish Boutique – my women’s fashion boutique of 5 years, which I closed the doors to in 2021 after jumping feet first down the rabbit hole of motherhood.

A curation of design, style, beauty, travel and reads, I’ll be sharing the things that I love, places that I go and books that I read.

I believe in the power of connection, and my hope is to share stories, exchange recommendations, and build a community of people who just love nice things.

I would love for you to follow along as I re-emerge from the aforementioned rabbit hole, from close or afar. Get in touch or be a silent fan, whatever your style is.

If you want regular updates, sign up to my newsletter which I will try to send out once a month with a lovely little roundup of bits and pieces I am preoccupied with.

Follow along on instagram @coltishlifestyle for bit size updates of the funny, interesting, beautiful and boring ins and outs of my little life.

If you have some recommendations you would like to pass on, tell me what you love, or just want to chat, email me at

One caveat; you don’t need to be a mother to enjoy my content, however the fact that I am a mother to 2 small, delightful and sometimes demonic children, means that the mum life will feature here and there, including my gorgeous fur child and, biggest baby of all, my husband. Feel free to skip these parts like the scary parts of a Disney movie (motherhood reference #1).

I’m so excited to be here, and I’m so excited that you’re here, and hopefully we’ll get along just fine.

Kate xx


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